Error 5 on original Mi Vacuum.

Error 5 on original Mi Vacuum.


I had my vacuum for 6 months but now I get an error 5 to clean the main brush every cleanup. I cleaned it all and replaced the brush but the error is still there. I have no carpet mode in my app to enable.

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  • Hello,

    Sorry for all the inconvenience.

    Could you double confirm there is nothing tangled on brush, including 2 slots at bottom to install brush and 2 ends of brush. See attached file "brush".

    Does error happens on carpet but it is fine on hardfloor? If yes, send us picture of your carpet.

    Beside, may we know the model of your robot?

    JB99902/24/2020      17:20

    It stops after or on the carpet most of the times.

    My model is SDJQR02RR

    My carpet is STENLILLE from ikea.

    Also I checked everything for dust or hair etc but it looks all clean.

    RR_SupportStaff Member02/26/2020      09:51

    Dear customer, according to the model NO., we are afraid your robot belongs to Xiao Mi instead of Roborock.

    May we suggest you contact Xiao Mi company for further support?

    To better identify the model of your robot, you could also help to send the SN. as attached picture.

    RR_SupportStaff Member02/26/2020      09:54

    Dear customer,

    Here is the relation between Xiao Mi and Roborock FYR.

    Roborock develops and produces robot vacuums as an ODM arrangement for Xiaomi and Xiaomi brings these models to market and provides after-sales under the Xiaomi brand. Xiaomi is responsible for its sale and warranty.

    It contains Xiaomi 1st generation and Xiaomi 1S, but not includes Xiaomi mopping robot cleaner launched on Aug, 2019 which is not developed by Roborock.

    Roborock is also using Xiaomi's app Mi Home to control device while Mi Home is in the charge of Xiaomi.

    But Roborock is an independent company with its own brand Roborock and robot like model S5 E2 S6 S4 S5 MAX which have no relation with Xiaomi.

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  • Hello

    did you find a solution?

    I have the exact same issue. It even happens on plain floor made of wood.

    The funny thing is, that I have been operating the vacuum in the same apartment for 2 years now.

    RR_SupportStaff Member11/03/2020      08:48

    Could you send us a video of the abnormal behavior? Also, please ensure that the firmware is up to date.

    Besides, please send us some pictures of the main brush you use.


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