Different room colors

Different room colors

Forgive me if this is stated somewhere (I couldn't find it) I just got and setup/ran my S6. It was amazing and mapped our first floor, the majority is hardwood with area rugs or carpet with the exception of the kitchen which is time. All of the rooms are blue with the exception of the kitchen which is yellow. The initial cleaning (vacuum only) covered all the rooms.

I set it to auto run at 10am today and it seems to just have done the periphery of the kitchen and all the rest.

Is this normal - what's the significance of the yellow kitchen ?


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  • The software tries to detect rooms if they have narrow openings / doors. Your place only seems to have one. If you like you can edit the map, and divide the large blue room in multiple smaller rooms. They will get a random color, it has no meaning other than showing its a different room.

    The second cleaning it seems the vacuum simply did not finish. Either it was stopped or maybe the battery was low and it went to recharge. Note the position of the vac, its still doing the yellow (kitchen?).

    EAK02/28/2020      13:41

    Thanks so much - actually when I got home I noticed that it must have dislodged a phone charger (it was lying on the floor - the outlet is very low cord must have been hanging) in that exact spot. so that explains it. I'll wait to see hat happens today. And yes there really are no narrow doorways other than to the kitchen.

  • Thanks, I was looking for how to do it and I can't find it anywhere

  • There's a typo - the kitchen floor is tile


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