Accesories/spare parts

Accesories/spare parts

I have recently bought Xiaomi Roborock S5Max. I would like to buy some accesories/spare parts (like main brush, filter, side brush, cleaning cloth etc) just in case.....The thing is I cannot find parts for S5Max, offers are for s50, s55 or s6. I do not know if accessories for s50, s55 or s6 could be used with my X.Roborock S5Max? Additionally, when I read customers rewiews, they are not quite satisfied with some parts (i.e. cleaning cloth is smaller then original, side brush doesn't fit etc, etc). Please, can you help me with some advice?

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  • Hi, Rita, some of the spare parts are interchangeable, but some are not. below the picture for your reference. If you want to know more about it, please feel free to contact us, and tell us what you want to purchase so that we could recommend you more accordingly.

    Thank you.

    szaszz03/16/2020      14:00


    I am still confused because the top and bottom model names are different.

    So please share an accurate table or answer my questions below:

    I have an S5 Max . Please list what are the compatible vacuum cleaner types regards to the different parts.

    • main brush
    • side brush
    • dust bin filter
    • mop

    RR_SupportStaff Member03/17/2020      10:00

    Comparing the top and bottom model, the spare parts between the top and bottom model are interchangeable. And you could make the purchase of those spare parts on below link:

    For further information, you're welcome to contact our, Thank you.

    Amirr03/04/2024      07:17

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