Robot gets lost on second floor

Robot gets lost on second floor

Hi there,

I have an S5 on 3.5.7_002008 and I'd like to give a bit of feeback as well as ask for help here.

So this is a house with two floors.

On the ground floor the robot works fine. I have defined rooms and am happy with the robot in general.

However as soon as I carry him up onto the second floor, he completely goes nuts:

He tries to match the (completely different) floorplan to the situation on ground floor and runs in wild curves all around the place. At some moments he gets one room right (go in straight lines in a pattern), in other rooms he just runs in circles and never stops until the battery runs out at which point he usually just hides in the furthest corner under a bed and we have to search for him and fish him out each time.

Please see a picture attached: the colored is the really existing ground floor; the grey rooms around are his "imaginary floorplan" where he tries to match the floors. Obviously I do not want to delete the groundfloor map entirely because I have put effirt in to define the rooms, no-go zones etc.

This is SOOO annoying. What is a vacuum cleaner good for if it doesn't clean the place but runs in circles?

I was hoping for this to be fixed for quite a while now, but no result. Instead you push out new hardware every other month.

I am really frustrated unto the point where I decide that the robot shall only be used for the ground floor. To be honest, that would make the machine rather unusable and I would consider replacing it with a model from a different vendor.

Might I ask you to FIX THIS!!! NOW!!!! I am really sorry if this sounds a bit pissed, but if so then that might be because I just had to shift the whole bed including other furniture to get to it after it managed to hide in the furthest corner with a dead battery AGAIN!!!

The forums are full of colplaints about this unfinished crappy software bug, why is this not finally getting fixed???

Please just make it so that if he does not detect an area that he knows, he just starts with a fresh map and reverts back to the main map once being back downstaris.

Second problem is that my wife, who uses a second "Xiaomi home account" with whom I have shared the machine, since some weeks can not longer operate it. Error popups never reached her but now she can't use it at all any more. Very annoying as well.

Thanks and BR


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  • Hi Southy, Sorry for the inconvenience.

    About the multiple floor map saving mode, we are sorry to tell you that the robot S5 is not support multiple floor map saving mode, if you want to clean the second floor, the suggestion of us is that you need to bring both robot and charging dock to the second floor and let the robot start cleaning from the dock. Or your robot will lost itself, and it won't go back to charging as he cannot find the dock.

    The second problem about the Mi Home account, your wife can't receive the notification because her device is shared device, and the notification will be only sent to original account and shared device could only have several features. The shared function is designed to just allow some basic features to be used by account shared. If another person needs all features of device, we suggest he use the owner's Mi account as one Mi account could be signed in on multiple phones.

    If any other question, you're welcome to send all details to or, and our support team will give you faster reply about the issue. Thank you.


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