Feature Request: Option to Change the Direction of Vacuum Lines in Carpet

Feature Request: Option to Change the Direction of Vacuum Lines in Carpet

First of all, I want to say we love our Roborock S5 Max. We purchased it about a month ago and it's been a huge upgrade from our Neato Botvac Connected. One thing I would like to see in a future upgrade would be an option to control the direction of the vacuum when it cleans a room. I like seeing the vacuum lines the robot leaves in the carpet but in some rooms they make the carpet look wrinkled or ruffled as you walk into the room because of the orientation. If the vacuum lines are rotated 90 degrees they look more pleasing, at least to my eyes. Because the software apparently directs the vacuum to run back and forth along the longest dimension of the room I currently use the Roborock app to split a wide room into 2 rooms that are deeper than they are wide to rotate the vacuum lines. It would be nice though to have a little more elegant solution and I've also run into the situation where I have reached the maximum number of rooms (15?) and can't divide any more. Anyways, great job on this product so far, looking forward to future updates!

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  • It would be great if it changed directions when completing multiple cycles. If you set multiple cycles, rotate the direction of cleaning 90 degrees for each cycle.

  • Thanks for your sweet suggestions. That would be nice if our vacuum clean could work based on our smart navigation and users' willing. We would forward this to our engineers.

  • I'm all for an option like this as well. I would be more interested in an option that changes room direction on the 2nd and 3rd cleaning (diagonally) of a room.

    I get the need to be efficient but I like options as well.


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