How to schedule a single room to be cleaned

How to schedule a single room to be cleaned

I do not see any option to schedule a single room to be cleaned. (Or a set of rooms). Basically, i want a subset of my saved map to be cleaned at 3am but there is no way to specify what to clean via the scheduler. I must be blind, as this is a pretty obvious function to be included with my 750$ robot.

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  • Please see the video I created at for help with this.

  • I want to suggest DeskFlex Room Scheduling Software. it will help you to manage your room schedule. you can customize your scheduling to using DeskFlex Software.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    What is the model number of your robot?

    Did you enable the multi-floor maps feature? If so, sorry that it doesn't support the schedule room cleaning feature with Multi-floor map saved mode enabled.

    Since the vacuum may not locate at the certain floor when cleaning a room with the schedule.

    But thanks for your feedback. Would you please let us know the detailed situation for schedule room cleaning feature and Multi-floor map simultaneously?

    Based on this situation, we will forward your advice to our R&D department and hope they will add this feature in the future. But at this moment, we could not promise you anything. 

    Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated!

    Sailingpj03/28/2021      20:51

    Y'all mention enabling this feature all the time, but I can't find where you tell us how to turn it off. It seems to have been turned on by default when I got my vacuum.

    RR_SupportStaff Member03/29/2021      00:51

    Do you mean the multiple-floor feature? If that's the case, here's where you can turn it off.


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