Remote Viewing Software Feature on the S6 MaxV

Remote Viewing Software Feature on the S6 MaxV

Roborock S6 MaxV users,

We have enabled wonderful eyes on Roborock S6 MaxV Now!  We will be releasing a software feature named “Remote Viewing” 

Starting time: July 30th 

App: Roborock App

What can a Roborock S6 MaxV user experience? 

He will be able to see real-time video feed while controlling the movement of S6 MaxV. 

Else? Curious about your pets? Is your oven on? Whether you have closed your door when you left home? 

Check in!

The remote viewing feature can be leveraged during the robot’s clean or even while directly using the remote controlling feature of the robot.

Meanwhile, transferring voice messages through your app is available. (with each one less than 15s). 

Seeing is knowing. Now seeing is controlling.Keep following us!

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  • it's great! but only for this model? I have the S5 max 😭

    RR_NewsStaff Member07/31/2020      03:11

    We're sorry that the remote viewing update rolls out only on Roborock S6 MaxV. S5 Max isn't equipped with twin cameras. Thanks for your support. Keep following us!

    Euge07/31/2020      03:28

    thanks for the reply

  • Hi

    Is this available only with the Roborock app or also with Mi Home app ?

    Best regard


    RR_NewsStaff Member08/04/2020      02:37

    Roborock App at the current stage. Keep following us to know more.

  • When will it be available on Amazon again?

  • Hi, I still have not received the update on the Roborock App. It says my firmware is already the latest but there is no remote viewing. My current firmware is 01.40.86

  • The information is not true. For several days I have been trying to download this update to my vacuum cleaner. It is not available all the time. I contacted the technical support, nobody knows when the software will be available. Roborock misleads its users or poles are worse than the rest of the world?


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