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I got the S6 MaxV, and it's a great vaccumer!

I was wondering if it's possible to either "disable" cleaning in a room, or completely delete a room from the map?

The vaccumer recognizes the outside of our house, through the windows in the doors. To optimize the algorithm, it would be nice to be able to tell the vaccumer that whatever is in that "room" shouldn't be vaccumed. I know I could just make a virtual wall or no-go zone, but another great solution would be to simply add an "Off" value in the room customization of a room in the map editor, next to the vacuum suction level, and water level indicators.

Hope this is possible.


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    KlarkKent01/13/2024      22:05

    thanks, i`ll check it out

    MaksLenivenko01/14/2024      23:50

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    William757403/14/2024      14:43

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