Looking into Robot Vacuum

Looking into Robot Vacuum

Hey guys, new here, but trying to gather some information about the newest roborock (s6 maxv). I'm in the market and have been looking at robots, the biggest question I have is about the capacity and frequency of emptying the dust bin. I have a dog and two cats and was trying to get a robot to do some work throughout days or nights when I may not be around due to work or sleep and what not so I have been looking at the SHARK IQ Auto Empty, Roomba s9+, and the roborock (most likely s6 maxv if I can get it). With an 1800 square foot ranch-style home would the roborock be able to clean most of it without the need of emptying the dust bin (with the auto empty feature on the other two this would not be an issue) ya think? I like all the features of the roborock except for it missing that one box. My house is all hardwood and tile with thresholds that I believe either robot would be able to get over between the two separate types of floor if that matters to anyone.

Oh! I forgot, the shedding of the 2 cats (shorthair) and 1 dog (puggle, looks closed to a beagle though) seems to be medium to high overall I guess, If I don't vacuum 2-3 times a week I end up getting huge clumps of hair flying around right now in the wind and fans.

Any responses or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I expect you will need to empty the bin daily. Maybe every other day if you're lucky. The good thing is it only takes a minute.

  • It definitely depends on the home and how much rug/carpet there is. Ours is about 1800sqft, but minus one room that's not vac'd, so about 1600 and fairly clean hardwood with not pets. On the first run, the bin was maybe half full, but we were really surprised how much it got. That is partially because it was going under the beds and sofas where we don't clean often, and because it got some lint off all the area rugs it passed over. With the pets, it will be significantly more and probably, like Bink said, daily at first. Maybe over time it will be less.

  • As far as I know dust cup capacity is 0.46 liters so the dust bin is slightly larger than average.



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