Introduction/ Beneficial Ores

Introduction/ Beneficial Ores

Dear Roborock fan,

You must have noticed a newly-spring diamond icon in Forum-Ores.

What’s it for?

Ore is a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted profitably. Ores must be processed to extract the interest.

Roborock establishes an Ore system in Forum. Roborock fans get ores in various ways and accumulate till their ores can meet corresponding number standards to exchange discounts when they want to buy our products on Amazon.

Rules are listed below:

How to earn Ore

  • 1、New users: 15 Ore (Newly registered accounts only)
  • 2、Sign in /per day: 5 Ore (Once per day)
  • 3、Share posts in News/Promotion section on Social Media: 3 Ore (Once per day)
  • 4、Posts announced by admin: 5 Ore

How to use Ore

  • 1、200≤ Ore <500: Equivalent to USD$19 (Can be used with Amazon offers and discounts)
  • 2、500≤ Ore <1200: $39 (Cannot be combined with other discounts)
  • 3、1200≤ Ore <2400: $69 (Cannot be combined with other discounts. Must be used on products costing above $500)
  • 4、2400≤ Ore: $149 (Cannot be combined with other discounts. Must be used on products costing above $600)
  • 5. Ores can be redeemed at most Once a Week.

Hope all fans could have here and benefit from Ore system. 


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  • Hi, I messaged RR_deal for details regarding Ores, it has been a few days, but I still have not heard back from him/her. I want to know how exactly can I redeem Ores? Also, I see that 200-500 can be redeemed as $19, so what is the difference between having 200 and 500 Ores?

  • Hello

    Are these discounts applicable in the UK?

    RR_NewsStaff Member09/03/2020      06:07

    Thanks for your support. Coupons or code are only available on Amazon. For more details, Message RR_Deal.

    Raw09/14/2020      18:13

    So I can exchange Ore for discount code and able to use it on Amazon US?

    RR_DealStaff Member09/21/2020      08:52

    Yes. 😊

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  • Are they available only to or also Thanks!

    RR_DiscussionStaff Member09/25/2020      08:23

    It's only available to at present, but maybe it will also to other countries in the future. 😉

    Vasiok09/28/2020      12:17

    Nice! Looking forward to that 😊

    Raw12/13/2020      22:26

    How can I redeem my ores?

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  • Can Ores be used for Roborock accessories sold on or only for vacuums?

    RR_DealStaff Member12/16/2020      07:30

    Hi, only for vacuums. 😊

    Bruno12/19/2020      12:45

    @RR_Deal Hi, I do not agree with this. If we are here it is because we have a vacuum and I think that the 90% of users here don't need an extra vacuum. You should allow the purchase of accessories with these discounts.


  • How do you exchange ores for discount coupon?

  • I hope I can take advantage of this

  • Hi, I have the roborock S5, I like it a lot. I like the mapping. However, the dust bin is small, I have to be home to empty it for it to finish cleaning my house of 5000 sf. I am waiting for Roborock come out a new model with self empty bin. I heard someone talk about it will have that out in January 2021. Is it true?

  • How do you redeem ores?

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  • @RR_Deal can you help me redeem my ore?


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