"Gentle" Mode Missing

"Gentle" Mode Missing

Has the "Gentle" mode been removed? After the recent app update, the "Gentle" mode is no where to be found... 😱

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  • Hello,

    Yes, the gentle mode has been removed since the latest update.

    Is there any problem?

    TYPearl09/20/2020      21:45

    Hi, Gentle mode is very important and please get it in function back. Because our s5max is damaging hand made valuable carpets. I can not use on at least big 3 carpets at home. Plus the Gentle mode has to be in the customize options, we must be able to customize some rooms having valuable hand made carpets with gentle mode. Please have gentle mode back asap plus add gentle mode in customize options. This is really very important. Thanks

    RR_SupportStaff Member09/22/2020      07:13


    Thanks for your reply and info.

    Noted that, we will forward your request to our RD team. You can set no go zone or invisible wall around the carpet as a workaround for now.


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