S6 MaxV - scheduled room cleaning

S6 MaxV - scheduled room cleaning


I've had the S6 MaxV for almost half a year now, and this thing still runs every day, and does a great job. But.. I have a problem that I hope you can help me fix!

We have an area in out home, where the cats have a toilet.. that area is covered, daily, with cat litter sand, and its one of the main reasons we bought this vaccumer, to avoid it being spread out everywhere.

Therefore, it would be nice if I could set multiple daily scheduled vacuums in that area. I've turned that area into a room, so I could just manually start a room cleaning, but I have work and other stuff to do, so I forgot.. and every day I come home to a house that would require a full vacuum instead of just that area.

So it would be really nice if I could schedule multiple vacuums during the day, and select ONLY specific room. So not a "full vacuum"..

I hope it's something you could fix.

Also, it would be nice if I could do a full run, only with the mop. This way, I could run a full house vacuum, and multiple "room vacuums" during the day, and at night, I could run a mop-only, without the noise of the vaccumer, while we're home.

This would really make this machine the perfect machine for me. And since most of it is software features, it should be possible. :) I've seen how fast you work with features, so this should be a simple one!

Have a great day.


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  • Oh well, seems like my wishes came true! :) Woke up this morning and saw a firmware update! New scheduling features, map improvements, AI improvements and much more!

    Now, back to just being a happy customer! (Psst.. the mop-only feature would be nice, though!)

    Thank you, guys!


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