roborock s6 maxv error after updating 01.49.66

roborock s6 maxv error after updating 01.49.66

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  • Hello,

    Install the water tank only without the mopping mount and cloth, then you can test whether it works.

    Please send us some pictures of the water tank, mopping mount and cloth you use.

    Try to change a new mopping cloth.

    Also, you can switch the water volume to low.

  • I think I have same problem.

    without wet cloth and without water, robot work just great, but with wet , doesn't work at all

    Roborock 6s Vmax 40 days old,

    Lvl of water - 2

    surface - tile

    RR_SupportStaff Member11/20/2020      03:54


    try to change the water volume to low. You can change a new mopping cloth as well.

    With the water tank installed only without the mopping mount and mopping cloth, is robot working well?

    Yahoo11/20/2020      11:23

    Thank you for answer.

    water volume Is low how possible ( 2 lvl) (first lvl no water)

    first at all need to buy new mopping cloth and will try ;)

    with water tank installed only , everything just fine.

    Well I think it's not robot problem, Ill think it's humidity lvl so high in my region at this moment. and wheels just slide and no grip.

    RR_SupportStaff Member11/21/2020      07:04

    Gotcha, thanks for your reply and info.

    You can give it a shot after you received the new mopping cloth.

    The humidity level does matter, you can take more time to monitor its performance. Any updates, be free to let us know.


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