Differences between S4 MAX and S6 PURE?

Differences between S4 MAX and S6 PURE?

The new Roborock S4 Max seems to be exactly the robot vac that I've been looking for, based on the specs, plus it will have the benefit of being the newest model, which means the latest firmware features and app compatibility.

HOWEVER, that device is not available right now, and the S6 PURE is going on sale for $399 on 11/, which makes it cheaper than the S4 Max, at least for a day.

So I have 3 questions about whether I should just buy the S6 PURE, rather than wait for the S4 Max:

  1. What are ALL of the differences? The listed features and specs are identical except for the mopping feature. But Roborock doesn't advertise all of the little differences between devices. Does the S6 Pure have the newer hinged dustbin? The rollers with the detachable ends for cleaning? The same number of sensors? A similar-powered and sized charging base? Can the S6 PURE use the new Roborock app? Does it have the latest room-naming and multi-floor support improvements? Can anybody speak to the S6 Pure on these nuances?
  2. The two robots both have 5,200mAh batteries, but SmartRobotReviews says that the S4 Max delivers 20% longer run time (180 vs 150 min). Is it true that the S6 PURE doesn't last as long on a charge? Or is this a mistake?
  3. Finally, hadn't wanted mopping because my home has some treated canvas rugs that are so flat they look like they are painted onto the floor, and some flat, tightly-woven, outdoor-grade olefin rugs, and I don't think I want the robot to accidentally mop those. Will the S6 PURE know not to try mopping these rugs? Or can I just turn off the mopping?

Thank you.

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