S5 Max - random navigation to dock after small manual move

S5 Max - random navigation to dock after small manual move

I had to move the vacuum over a raw carpet edge that was blocking it. Now it is trying to find its way back to the dock, which has not been moved by randomly entering every room between where it is and where the dock is. The app is showing it in exactly the actual position, so it clearly knows where it is in the house. Why is it not taking the most efficient route back to the dock? I understand after a manual move that it may be difficult to figure out exactly where it is, but in this case it was able to adapt very quickly and figure out its location. Maybe there should be a way through the app to confirm that the location is correct and allow it to resume a sensible navigation pattern?

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  • Did robot have this issue in the second cleaning?

    The dock location on map is correctly right?

    Would you pls send us that history map for reference? See pic below

    Colin_young01/15/2021      13:14

    Not shown on the map is the path it took back to the dock. This was the last cleaning it recorded that day. While it was navigating back to the dock it showed a new map (i.e. not this path), but did not save it. It bounced around the Bedroom (where it started from after being moved), then the Open Room, then the Hallway and then eventually worked its way back to the dock, which is in the correct location on the map. As I said originally, the entire time it was bouncing around randomly it was represented on the map in exactly the place it actually was, so it knew where it was.

    I had forgotten that on this run it did grab a running shoe from a closet that should have been closed and dragged that to another room where it managed to get it caught in front of one of the sensors so ended up circling in place. I was able to remove the shoe without having to move the robot. After that it finished that room, then got stuck behind an upturned carpet edge that I ended up having to lift it over.

    RR_SupportStaff Member01/15/2021      15:06

    Use wet cloth to clean the wall sensor and cliff sensors.

    Also, you can set no go zone or invisible wall over the carpet area in case the robot gets stuck.


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