Multiple floors are no longer supported by S6 MaxV

Multiple floors are no longer supported by S6 MaxV

With the iOS app update 2.3.26, the floor selector button has disappeared. I contacted the Roborock support and they told me that the robot should be able to position itself correctly when moved from one floor to another. Apparently the feature works for me in about 10% cases. Usually, the robot finds itself in a random room of the previous floor, starts bumping itself into "unexpected" obstacles, and (the worst part) remaps the previous floor. The support people told me that "it's a feature not a bug". Does anyone know if the issue is going to be fixed anytime soon or I should just return the product and look for better options than Roborock? Thanks!

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  • Many, many people have posted here and on reddit/r/roborock exactly what you have just said. Roborock is ignoring all the complaints. And they fail to appreciate that certain operations (room clean, zone clean, pin 'n go) require selecting the correct map first.

    Actually Roborock support told me that if you want to do one of those operations, start a full clean, let it discover it has the wrong map and let it complain about invalid map, and then if and when it does figure it out, to abort the full clean and then you could select the room/zone/target. I don't know if they were laughing the whole time they were suggesting that, but it wasn't funny to me.

    I'm about to post in another thread a plea for them to also consider not allowing the robot to create a new map or add to an existing map with defined rooms unless map creation is enabled.

  • We are sincerely sorry for all the inconvenience we caused.

    Pls follow the attached pic to switch floor map.

  • Thank you @rr_Support for your help. Unfortunately, this doesn't really help either! After full cleaning floor A, I move the bot to floor B and start a full clean again. In 90% of the cases, the bot will not correctly locate its position. Usually it starts orienting but never locates correctly. after some time the wrong map A is loaded and then the bot gets totally confused. E.G. starts cleaning around de docking station and drives fully into it. Before the App update, manually switching the map helped sometimes. But now it's even worse. I found your suggested solution by myself (in the new app) but it just didn't work. So please tell us how to use the bot correctly when switching floors! There's just nothing in your outdated user manual!

    RR_SupportStaff Member01/15/2021      14:47

    what do you mean it did not work?


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