Doorstep No-go zone

Doorstep No-go zone

Hi Roborock,

I would like a doorstep no-go zone that the robot can cross when it needs to move to another room, but when doing the actual cleaning avoid. As it is now it crosses the doorstep fine, but during cleaning it attempts to clean the doorstep making it sometimes get stuck because the wheels end up on each side of the doorstep.

PS: also have a dark-mode for the Roborock app ;)

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  • 😘

    SBB08/19/2023      10:02

    How on the holy earth has this simple thing not been implemented yet!!

    the amount of noise and time I have to deal with my Roborock S6 vmax is too da high !

  • Just try starting a zone clean on the opposite side of the doorstep and check if it manages to get over. I've read at this method works.

    RobotIdea04/14/2021      19:05

    It does cross the doorstep alright but as soon as it startes cleaning it tries to clean on top of the door step and it get itself stuck....

  • Funny, I just suggested a similar feature; A line in the map allowing the robot to cross the line but avoid cleaning 20cm on either side of the line. It would be huge for people like us with doorsteps in their homes.


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