Travel/cross only line in the map

Travel/cross only line in the map

Please consider this (naive) suggestion for the S6 Max V software.

I have 1-2cm high doorsteps between rooms. The robot handle these doorsteps like a champ when travelling between rooms. But when it starts cleaning it thinks it has to clean the door step too and it gets itself stuck. In the map editor I can create No-Go zones but it would be awesome if I could draw a No-Cleaning-Only-Travel-Line on the map. Using this line where the doorsteps are located, the robot could still travel between rooms but avoid cleaning 20 cm on either side of the line. I sure this would prevent my robot getting stuck on doorsteps.

Best regards a robot vacuum owner.

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  • We would note it down. Doorsteps are one of pain points. We appreciate your careful description.

    Halldinen06/26/2021      10:53

    This! exactly why I came here. Our thresholds are 30 cm, so i've built some "steps" in front of the doorsteps/tresholds which lets the robot climb over them. However just as Robotidea mentions, the robot wants to clean them and this often result in it getting stuck as it tries to travel parallell to the doorstep. I have rescued my robot several times now because of this. I even added no-go zones but it still wants to clean a tiny patch in between the no-go zones. If I move them closer, the robot will simply refuse to go over that doorstep.

    Please, please! RR_Suggestions, put this feature request high up on the to-do list. Rescuing a 500£ robot from doorsteps several times a week does not give the premium experience which the pricetag would suggest.

    RobotIdea07/06/2021      10:27

    I agree :-)

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