Roborock S7 suggestions

Roborock S7 suggestions

Recently switched from my S5 Max to an S7. Both great machines, but the S7 mopping function is a real improvement! There are 3 suggestions I'd like to do, to make the experience even better:

  • Option to cut mapped space from a map. I have some windows from floor to ceiling. While mapping the floor, my S7 radar is able to look through the glass. Therefore, my map is showing space outside. It would be nice if this coud be ignored or even deleted from the saved map, so the map fits better on my phone screen.
  • Option to select vacuum cleaning in round 1 followed by deep mopping afterwards. Deep mopping can't be combined with vacuuming, but now it has to be selected one after the other. With the option to lift the mop, it could of course easily be programmed as X rounds of vacuuming, followed by Y rounds of deep mopping. Would make life easier!
  • Also making life easier is when the robot is cleaning a known space and reaches 20% battery. Now it goes back to the station until it's fully charged again, taking hours. If this part is smarter, it would also improve the experience. Like, if only 3% more is needed for the room, please continue until 17% before charging. Or if it goes back for charging at 20% and the rest of the room takes only 5% based on previous rounds, finish the job when re-charged to 25 or 30% instead of waiting for 100%.
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  • I sustain your good suggestions about a more flexible programming of deep mopping combined with a vacuum cycle. I also suggested to make possible to create and manually select multiple maps of the same floor, to store different settings of the same rooms, simply selecting the map to use. At the moment there is warning about to avoid to use multiple maps of the same floor, because the robot could get confused. Evidently, the robot choose the map automatically trying to understand which floor is cleaning. Adding a manual selection of the maps, this issue could be solved.

    Good suggestion too to don't completely charge the battery when it needs just a few minutes of lasting to complete its working cycle. My S7 never reached the end of battery life, so I supposed it already worked just as described (like they claim S5 Max does).


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