Go to trash can when bin full / after x runs

Go to trash can when bin full / after x runs


i got the S6 MaxV and I’m very happy with it. After having a baby, that started to learn the art of crawling, I had to move my S6 MaxV to a different location, which ended up being under the couch, where it’s now hidden away and he can’t get in there! Success!

but now, every time I have to empty the bin, I have to manually tell the vacuumer to get out to a spot where I can get to it easily!

but.. wouldn’t it be amazing if the vacuumer automatically went to a pre-defined spot in your home? E.g. right next to the trash bin, so you could easily empty/clean it?

so, here’s my suggestion:

  1. when the vacuumer is full or it has run X times (you can set it in the app, so after 1, 2 or 5 times depending on the size of your home), it will automatically go to the pre-defined location on the map, and wait there.
  2. if/when the battery gets low (if it’s not being emptied and returned to the dock manually), it should just return to the dock and recharge. Maybe, at 50% battery, and if it’s in the “empty bin location”, it could send a “Please empty the bin”-notification as a warning. :)

this would be the best alternative to a “self emptying” vacuumer, that it would go to the trash can itself and wait for you to empty/clean it, and then return to the dock after pressing the Dock button on top.

hopefully this would be possible and not a crazy complicated feature that wouldn’t be too far out in the future! :)


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  • I've read a few post here with the same basic feature request.

    What may be easier to program and add to a future Firmware update is...Allowing users to add a "Pin n Go" to a "Scheduled Cleaning" as the final step. So I can create cleaning for one particular day a week, say Friday, AND my Rodobock S6 Pure stops right in front of my kitchen trash can, so I'll see it and remember to empty the bin.

    Charles McConnell
    Charles McConnell11/30/2023      03:20

    The forum is a useful resource for solving technical problems and getting help with Roborock products.  @doodle jump

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