S5 Max mopping issue

S5 Max mopping issue

Hi, I have been using S5 Max for over a year, however some months ago I start to notice a problem whereby the mopping doesnt work as the water isnt used at all. I had searched this forum and found the method of pushing air into the left intake holes and pulling the outlet holes of the water tank, I had done it before and it only works sometimes. End up each time I start the roborock I have to monitor it for at least 5-10mins to see if it is mopping, and if it doesnt then I have to pause the roborock to take out the water tank to blow the intake holes. Sometimes I have to do it 2-3 times before finally it starts mopping again properly.

I have never used detergent in the water tank, I always use filtered tap water, and I have also always emptied the tank after finish using. Yet this problem randomly occurs and I cant seem to find a proper and lasting solution. Please assist.

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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    You can try the following step:

    Turn the device over, you'll find two small holes under the robot if you remove the water tank. See attached picture. Check if there's anything blocking the hole by poking them slightly with a needle. Then install the water tank and mop bracket (without the mopping cloth). Please do the test below to see if the robot itself is fine or not.

    1) Take the robot off the dock. Then turn off the robot by long pressing the power button. Then put it on the dock until the robot turns itself on. 

    2) Start the robot from the dock. After the robot establishes its position (when the map appears on your phone), wait for about 20 seconds and observe if there're water trails on the ground. 

    You can check the video below for reference.

    If there's water trails, the robot itself should be fine.


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