Roborock S7 repair - UK

Roborock S7 repair - UK

Hi all,

I've had a Roborock S7 for the last 6 months and have absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I've recently been hit with the dreaded Error 4 cliff sensor notification. I tried taping over the sensors (after reading some advice here) but that didn't see to do anything.

I then went on ebay and ordered some cliff sensor covers. These arrived today and were extremely difficult to fit. I used a hair dryer to help the plastic expand on the covers and managed to get them sorted. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have made any difference what so ever.

I bought the vacuum on ebay and have contacted the seller (as Xiaomi sent me an email basically saying that they wouldn't help). I'm waiting for a response but I really doubt that they will help me.

So does anyone know anywhere in the UK (I'm based in London) where I can get the Roborock repaired? Two of the sensors look like they have managed to get water inside of them and I think it may be an issue that I can't fix. I've tried some google searches but can't really find anything promising.

Cheers for your help!

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  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    Please continue sending an e-mail to the to see if they can help try and get in touch with the sales team, and figure out if the team can help address with the warranty service.

    Amirr03/18/2024      10:13

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