Aliexpress seller not fulfilling warranty after sendind them a Roborock S7 for repair

Aliexpress seller not fulfilling warranty after sendind them a Roborock S7 for repair


I am creating this topic from Europe. I now this is a US only forum, but since there is no EU forum, and i haven't received feedback from roborock support team, both in europe and yous (via mail), here i am.

In 09.2021 i bought my third!! Roborock, a S7 from a Aliexpress seller.

There was a problem with it, i open a dispute and then the seller conviced me to skip the dispute, and send them the robot for repari.

I send it in late Nov 2021 to the seller provided address in Germany. Until today i haven't received the robot yet.

Late Dec 2021 i asked about the repair, and they claimed they didn't received the robot. After again, providing with the shipping details, they confirmed they have received it and that it was going to be repaired.

Yesterday i asked for an update, and again they didn't seem to know what was my problem.

In short, i have sent a 500$ product to them, almost 1,5 months ago, and honestly i fear i will never get it back.

Can you please support me solving this? Why not send me a new robot?

Aliexpress purchase ID: 8138048498243354

If you need more info from me, please contact me via mail.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out. We searched in system, but won't find anything related to the e-mail.

    Would you please report the issue to and provide all the related info? Our support team will try to help.

    colemauro02/03/2022      16:03


    I also contacted Support EU Email <>

    They replied to me at 31.01.2022, asking for the SN of the robot, with i supplierd, together with all the info/evidences i have.

    But since 31.01.2022, i have not received any feedback back.

    Anyway, i have just forward to, the e-mails exchanged with your colleagues.

    This is my 3rd Roborock i have. i have also purchased the Empty Dock Station.

    I am sure Roborock doesn't want to be this badly represented!

    I hope you can make this right.

    Thank you.

    RR_SupportStaff Member02/19/2022      08:43

    HI, thanks for your updates.

    Our support team has reported the issue to the sales team. They have got in touch with the seller and asked the seller to proceed with your case. May I know if the seller has addressed the issue or not?

    colemauro02/22/2022      09:14


    Problem remains. Last updates from seller after my weekly question "when are you going to send back my robot"

    07.02.2022 " i've checked ,the problem need to be fix with some specific accessory,the accessory arrive today which they don't have before. it still need some days"

    18.02.2022 "still waiting for their repair"

    It already pasted almost 4 months since i send the seller the robot. Why can't the seller just send me a new robot?

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