Close your business ..very very very disappointed with roborock customer service

Close your business ..very very very disappointed with roborock customer service

I bought my roborock in July 2020 and I had warranty until July 2021. I had problems in Dec 2020 and I tried to reach out to the customer service via emails and phone and didnt receive much help.

I started trying again in dec 2021 and there were few emails that went back and forth at the beginning and then I was ghosted.

And TODAY , i called the customer service again and Adam picked up the call. He told me that the first time i reached out to them was in 2021 so warranty is not covered. Then i told him that its not true and told him about past emails. He then saw them. He was still adamant that i have to pay for my repair.. i tried talking when he was saying something and he said " you are cutting me off, SO STOP" ... i was done by this point .. i wanted to tell him that he doesnt have to explain anymore and I am willing to trash my roborock ... so I went Adam, Adam, Adam ... guess what he did ... he screamed at me " YOU ARE CUTTING ME OFF. .... BYE" and hung up the phone.

The worst customer service I have ever seen. You cannot continue with these kind of people and service in your business.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your kindly feedback. We apologize for all the inconvenience you've been through. We've reported the issue to our support team, and they are looking into the case right now.

    Please wait for the response from our support team and they will provide you with a quick and appropriate solution.

    We apologize again for the inconvinience caused and thanks for being a valued customer.

    Best regards.

    WaynejLucky03/26/2024      19:47

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    MichaelHood05/14/2024      20:12

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