S7 Max V - Updates and Future Hopes

S7 Max V - Updates and Future Hopes


Been enjoying my S7 Max V for about a week now. I've had a few issues that I would like to see if we can figure out in a future update.

  1. Manually specifying the cleaning pattern for an area.
  2. I have percaline floors and for some reason it wants to mop and vacuum against the way the floor is laid. Having the ability to tell the vacuum to follow the files results in a better clean as it's not always trying to jump over the grout between the tiles.
    1. Relocate Home - For some reason I couldn't relocate home on the map. If I want to move the robot's base to another area of the house it would be nice to drag and drop it there, then have the robot figure out in the saved map where it is.
    2. QR codes (stickers) - It might be waaay out there, but I would love the ability to print some 1"x1" stickers in key areas to aid in wayfinding for the robot, that way even if the little guy gets lost or can't see he should know somewhere where he is at.
    3. Remote Control Video Recording - I would love to be able to save to video some captures whenever the machine first starts up or is going around my pets, they are just funny.
    4. Diagnostics (UI Element - some full / empty signs on the main page to tell us what item levels are at like the trash, clean and dirty water at a glance)
    5. Web availability - Being able to login to the vacuum via local web-browser to get status or perform simple tasks like kick off a cleaning mode or schedule without needing the application or phone.
    6. Ability to schedule custom modes like 1xsweep followed by 2x mop.
    7. Ability to turn off vacuum until the unit reaches its destination. (when running the machine on MAX+ power, the vacuum comes on while it travels across the house before it even reaches its destination)
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  • Nice! We've already let our engineers know. Thanks for your support.

    KirstenB06/24/2022      03:49

    I Thought I'd add to the suggestions already here :)

    I'd love a way to tell the roborock to empty the dustbin on a per-room basis whilst doing a whole-house clean


  • I'd second the being able to specify a cleaning pattern and the web login ability in particular 👍

  • Does it have any integration with whatsapp plus insta? I hope there will some automatic command system for messaging generation commands or have voice messaging like in common apps.

    henrryy02/01/2023      08:02

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