S7 MaxV software update

S7 MaxV software update

I did a software update this morning before sending Rosie on her way. I am only commenting on the update. I now notice Rosie does not cover as thoroughly as she did prior to the update. Have gaps in smaller areas now that did not before the update. She does not get as close to the walls now. We are learning to live with each other.

Current version 02.49.20

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  • Sometimes when I would send it to the hallway, it would act like the most foolish thing ever, creeping along the open door, touching it repeatedly until it almost closed the door in its own path.

    The strangest thing about this is how infrequently it occurs. Sometimes it perfectly avoids the door, barely touches it, and proceeds directly down the hallway.

    RR_SupportStaff Member09/25/2022      13:19

    Hi, thanks for posting. We're sorry that the robot may not be able to recognize an unfixed door. It may rely on the bumper sensor in its front to sense whether there's obstalces. Therefore, it may push the door until the door closes. In this case, if possible, would you please use something like doorstopper to keep it fixed to have a try?

    momo09/26/2022      12:43

    I've noticed that in the last update or two mine is doing similar. It actually spent 10 mins trying to dock this weekend. I cleaned all sensors and readjusted the dock by a few feet and it finally ended up. Then the next cleaning session similar as above, it was going in circles and bumping things like it didn't know where it was.. then after a few mins of fumbling it started cleaning properly.

  • Hi, thanks for posting.

    Would you please send us some screenshots to show the comparison before and after the updates for reference?


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