Roborock s7v won’t go under kitchen table

Roborock s7v won’t go under kitchen table

Just got my new Roborock and love it but I cannot get it to go under my kitchen table. It sees it as easily trap furniture. It has plenty of room and I’m fact gos under much smaller, tighter spaces including smaller tables with much less room. Is there any way to make it clean under the table? That might be the space that gets the most dirty!

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    Some furniture such as U shaped chair can be recognized as easily trapped furniture because the robot can get stuck on it easily if it tries to get close for cleaning. If you want to let it clean the table, you can try to ignore the recognized obstacles. See attached picture.

    MarthaWindham03/24/2024      00:16

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    jhonpip04/30/2024      12:25

    thank you for the info


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