S6 Pure map / navigation issues

S6 Pure map / navigation issues


I am having continuous issues with my S6 Pure mapping and navigation. For several weeks this has been my experience:

1. Map the house.

2. Spilt the rooms.

3. Start a Full or Room clean from the app.

4. Unit successfully navigates and cleans rooms up until starting to clean the main hallway.

5. Cancel the cleaning after unit fails to navigate the hallway.

6. Restore the map. This is because the map has been altered after incorrectly navigating the hallway.

7. Return to step 3. If I mistakenly start a room clean with the altered map then I have to start over at step 1.

Here is the map after step 2 (the main hallway is shown as orange, total cleaning area is 100m2):

Here's a closeup of the hallway (after splitting the rooms):

Below is the map after cancelling the cleaning because the unit fails to navigate the hallway and starts to alter the map. You can see in the highlighted section it has lost track of its position and missed the lower arm of the hallway but has also mapped a new area in red that doesn't exist. 

Here's another attempt after restoring the map and starting a room clean that includes the hallway (so many errors here it's ridiculous):

Here's another attempt after giving up on the hallway. This time it skips the lower corner of the room for no reason:

In all cases there is nothing impeding the unit from reaching any parts of the hallway or rooms. Can someone help please? Model details below.


Model : roborock.vacuum.a08,

Serial Number : R0920K10600447,

UID : rr5f2eb823c9d860, App Version : 4.0.13(Android 31),

Firmware Version : 02.13.68,

Plug-In Version : RRMDX2064,

DID : rr_2hjkRnDivearM2gThwMSca,

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to Customer Support and we are sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your device.

    It seems that the robot is having issues with navigating the hallway. Would you please place some obstacles along the wall of the hallway so that the robot can differentiate which part of the hallway it is cleaning?

    Jono11/28/2022      04:10

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you mean add an obstacle when I re-map the house? And then leave it there when it's cleaning?

    To be clear, I've had the unit for about a year and while it has had navigation issues in the past, it wasn't ongoing like this issue has been.

    As it happens, it has successfully navigated / cleaned the hallway the last 2 times so I'm not sure what's going on. I'll try your suggestion and see what happens.

    RR_SupportStaff Member12/10/2022      08:01

    Hello, thanks for your reply.

    Yes that's exactly what we mean. Is there any improvement after placing the obstacles along hallway?


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