Multi level house

Multi level house

So I have a multistory house and i moved my Roborock S7 MAXV to another floor to vacuum, it did fine and returned to the starting position correctly. But when i carried it back down to the dock I just put it on the dock and it jsut charged. How do i tell it to now run the empty bin and mop clean?

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  • Hello, thanks for reaching out.

    If you want to initiate emptying and mop washing, you can start the feature either via the app or by the physical buttons on the robot.

    1) when robot is charging, press the Dock button to start emptying

    2) when robot is charging, long press the Dock button to start mop washing

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  • Other options are place it in front of the dock and hit dock button. Then it will do the empty and mop washing. Also you can use the app, hit the dock button when it is charging and select the function you want.

    Amirr02/03/2024      08:10

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