Q5 dust bin not emptying.

Q5 dust bin not emptying.

I have a Q5 with the automatic dust bin empty docking station. For the life of me I cannot figure out why the dust bin is not emptying. I have to manually empty the dirt and dog hair out from the dust bin every other day. The vacuum does a great job cleaning the floors, but I would like it to pull the dirt into the bag. I've examined the docking station for obstructions, and I don't see anything that is blocking it. The channel to the bag looks clear. Some dirt is getting to the bag, but very little. I'm wondering if there is a leak in the suction to the bag that is preventing pulling the dog hair and dirt into the bag.

I would appreciate any help in determining what is wrong with the cleaner.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hello, thanks for reaching out.

    Could you please double check if the main brush cover is well installed or not?

    There are 4 tabs on the main brush cover. They should be inserted into the 4 corresponding slots on the main brush housing. See picture below:

  • same problem and checked main brush cover twice and reinstalled. makes me think there is a suction issue somewhere...

    RR_SupportStaff Member03/16/2023      13:27

    We are sorry to hear that your device did not work well. 

    The issue you faced may not be solved in a short answer. We hope we could work with you to locate the cause and address it. Would you please contact us at support@roborock.com(if you are in EU, contact support@roborock-eu.com)so that we can better assist? 


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