Voice commands on Roborock S7

Voice commands on Roborock S7

Hello folks - Help needed !

I've just set up my Roborock S7 on google home and it recognize the basic voice commands like "start cleaning" just fine.

I also can use "start cleaning" in portuguese and it starts fine since this is my google home language & language on roborock.

What I'm trying for ages is to make it clean specific rooms like my room. So when I say "start cleaning Chris room" in Portuguese it does not recognize it. I tried with other rooms aswell. I tried in Portuguese and in English and it just doesnt recognize specific rooms.

Roborock S7]

Latest firmware

Tried with Roborock app synced to Google Home

Any help appreciated

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  • I'm using an s7 & s6 with Google home successfully.

    I use commands like :

    Hey Google, tell s7 to vacuum the kitchen 

    My tips is to keep vacuum name (in Google home) & room name simple for voice translation.

    Also i normally text the commands to Google assistant whilst debugging to remove potential voice translation errors

  • You may try the following to see if any of them can work:

     "aspirar na {room_name}",

                "aspirar no {room_name}",

                "aspirar a {room_name}",

                "aspirar o {room_name}",

                "limpar na {room_name}",

                "limpar no {room_name}",

                "limpar a {room_name}",

                "limpar o {room_name}",

                "começar a aspirar na {room_name}",

                "começar a aspirar no {room_name}",

                "começar a aspirar a {room_name}",

                "começar a aspirar o {room_name}",

                "começar a limpar na {room_name}",

                "começar a limpar no {room_name}",

                "começar a limpar a {room_name}",

                "começar a limpar o {room_name}",


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