Descaling Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Descaling Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra


I recently purchased my Roborock S7 and I'm loving it. Reading the manual, I see there are clear instruction on what type of cleaning products are best used to help with mopping. Since there are a lot of rubber and plastics involved for the tubing in the dock station and in the Roborock itself, I want to be sure to use the right products that don't compromise any parts.

There is also a good amount of information on the maintenance and how this should be done, the app helps with explaining what parts need to be replaced when. However, that being said I can't find any information on what products are best used for the maintenance. Specifically for the descaling of the docking station and the Roborock to remove any calcium/magnesium clogging up the device over time.

Can anyone help me? What products should I use? Is there a specific program to help clean/descale everything?

Many thanks in advance.

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  • Hello thanks for reaching out.

    To descale the device, you can use a bit of diluted citric acid. After descaling, pls rinse the tanks under water and mop washes with clean water to rinse away the residues.

    Flix03/05/2023      20:59

    Thank you for reply and the recommendation, I will test it out.

    Is there a special cleaning/maintenance/descaling program that can be activated in order to have the diluted citric acid water run through the entire roborock system for cleaning? I want to make sure the tubing in the tank and robot are descaled properly but I also want to make sure that the diluted citric acid is flushed from the system by clean water.

    Flix03/16/2023      09:34

    Still waiting for a response on my first reply since I'm unable to find anything about this online.

    RR_SupportStaff Member03/16/2023      13:41

    Hello, thanks for the response.

    We're sorry that currently there's no such program. But you may let the device do some mop washing manually with a full water tank. To initiate mop washing,

    1) place the robot reversely on dock with the camera facing outside

    2) wiggle the robot a bit until you hear the mop is ready for washing

    3) long press the "Dock" button to initiate mop washing

    This way, the water will go through the entire system without filling the water tank.

    Best regards.

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  • To descale the water tank, you can add some diluted citric acid. Please rinse the water tank after that.

    If the water being used is calcareous, you can use cold boiled water.


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