New House-S6 Can't clean in single charge but recleans same rooms after chargings

New House-S6 Can't clean in single charge but recleans same rooms after chargings

I have moved into a new home so I cleared the old map from the app. I started the vacuum and let it do it's work and mapping the new area. Since the area is large it can't finish the cleaning in a single charge. The problem is this...when the vacuum returns to the dock to get more charge, it recleans the same areas it had previously done. Since it keeps recleaning the same rooms, it never finishes cleaning since it has to return to the dock before it finishes. It doesn't seem to remember where it had already cleaned. It needs to move to the uncleaned areas after recharging rather than recleaning where it had already completed. It will never finish if it continues to work this way. Any ideas?

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  • In robot vacuums with mapping capabilities, wall sensors can also help the robot vacuum to track around open room doors.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out. May I know if recharges, does the robot resume cleaning on its own, or you started it manually?

  • I had this exact same problem when I moved into a new larger home. I couldn't map the full level in a single charge. What I did was do whatever I could to optimize battery - change suction power to low, move furniture where Roborock takes time to clean (i.e. around legs of chairs / lamps), removed rugs etc. I was able to map a single floor just over 2k Sq ft. Good luck!


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