S6 hard reset without panel

S6 hard reset without panel

The panel of my S6 is outage and don't work anymore

Is it possible to do an hard reset without this?

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  • Here are the steps for hard reset.

    Step 1. Hold the recharge button (home button) for 3-5 seconds.

    Step 2. Press the reset button next to wifi LED with a pin just once. Then the light of the power button and the recharge button will be out. When doing this, please make sure you're still holding the recharge button without moving.

    Step 3. Keep holding the recharge button for 5 seconds after you've pressed the reset button until the light of the power button blinks again, then you'll hear the tone "Restoring the initial version. It will take about five minutes. Please wait with patience". After that, you could stop holding the recharge button.

    If it's not possible to reset the robot, would you please contact us at support@roborock.com(if you are in EU, contact support@roborock-eu.com)so that we can better assist?

    William757403/19/2024      16:57

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    godope03/25/2024      10:21

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    Henryhehe03/25/2024      15:07

    Press and hold the Volume Up button, the Home button, and the Power button simultaneously. Continue holding these buttons until the Samsung logo appears on the screen. Release the Power button while still holding the Volume Up and Home buttons.

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