Day 1 - Roborock S7 MaxV

Day 1 - Roborock S7 MaxV

I have been using an Roomba i7 for 4 years. It was loud and with pets struggled with hair. Working at home, I needed unit that was far more quiet. I did my research and landed on buying the Roborock S7 MaxV and today it arrived.

Unboxing and setting up was easy. And that is where it ended. It was not easy to figure out how to get the unit started on mapping the house, and when I realized the time it was going to take I had to stop it and choose to start again. Well it never seems to want to start a fresh map like new. I am happy to discard of the original map and start all over. But it continues to try and clean right away.

I also have a number of throw rugs in my home sitting on primarily hardwood floors and large size tile floors. I have a couple larger heavier room rugs, but never has gotten there. The throw rugs just seem to create a huge challenge for the unit. I am talking rugs that are 3'x4' and washable. It gets caught up and twisted every single rug no matter where in the house. This has resulted in my stopping cleaning jobs several times and once again losing the map.

So what do I do about these rugs? Will I need to lift them all each time I run the robot? That seems a little backwards because the whole idea is for this to clear whenever and I may not be home when that happens. Please tell me there is some setting I can use to fix this.

The map. Given I do not have a completed map, I can not tell the robot the floor types and I don't really want it mopping my hardwood floors (at this time). I am also unable to tell it areas to stay out of due to complexities and such. Do I need to do a full restore and reset to get to just run a mapping mode? If there was one thing Roomba did well is the ability to instruct the robot to complete a mapping run and adjust to changes in furniture and such. Yes, the S7 maps fast with the current technology it is using, so that is great. But is there a way to say to just run the entire house and get a map built so I can save it and then define it?

The unit is however very quiet. And for that alone I am crazy thankful.

All in all, day one has not been a great experience. I hope there are improvements to be seen. I hope I do not regret this purchase.

A new owner in Dallas.

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  • Sorry for the trouble caused.

    Please click the three dots on the top right corner and go to "manage map". There you can click "create a new map" and choose "quick mapping".

    Please remove the mopping bracket and check if robot can clean those rugs.

    If the issue persists, we hope we could work with you to locate the cause and address it. Would you please contact us at you are in EU, contact that we can better assist?


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