Dyad pro clean water tank leaking

Dyad pro clean water tank leaking

Hi! This is my very first RoboRock item and first ever purchase! I just got my Dyad Pro today and so far I’m very impressed. I am a little concerned with the clean water tank. When I fill the tank, making sure to fill to the Max line (a little less than max line) and then close the lid water starts squirting out the hole with the tubing. Is this normal? I worry about it leaking into the wet dry vac when I reinstall the tank and causing damage. Also I’ve always used hot water with my wet dry vacs and in the instructions it doesn’t say if using hot water is ok with the Dyad Pro. Can I use hot water or does it have to be cold water only??? Thanks!

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  • Mine does the leak thru the tubing piece as well, especially when I first close it. It has to do with the slight pressure/compression of air when closing the door so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I just always take a towel and wipe it just before putting it back on the dyad.

    I've used hot water once and didn't have issues but I'd stick to at least warm or cooler water since it sounds like the hot water can cause the plastic to warp and possibly make it not seal correctly.

    Let me know how things go when you empty the clean water tank... Are you able to easily get it all out?

  • We don't suggest you use hot water as it could cause damage to the water tank.

    Please add warm water or cold water into the water tank.


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