S8 Pro Ultra - mopping on multilevel maps

S8 Pro Ultra - mopping on multilevel maps

We have multilevel maps saved on our S8 Pro Ultra, but it will mop only when on the primary level (the one with the dock). No information seems to be available anywhere about using the mopping function on multilevels. When I run the robot in vacuum&mop mode on the second level, the cleaning map shows that it has mopped, but it's not mopping. Rather creepily, the mop pad is wet when it's done (as if the robot suffers from incontinence), but the mop pad is never put down on the floor by the robot (there's never a mopping trail on the floor). Mopping on the primary level has worked fine.

Why is it not mopping? Why does the cleaning map show that it's mopping when it isn't? Why is the only information provided regarding the use of the robot on multilevels about how to setup the maps?

(Please--do not provide smart-alecky responses like, "Well, duh, how would it mop without being able to return to the dock?" The answer to that would be that it could scream at me [it's very good at screaming in its grossly sexist female voice] and tell me to take it back to the dock for cleaning. This process wouldn't be efficient, but it would be a way to achieve the mopping without having to move the gargantuan dock up and down the stairs.)

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  • We are sorry to hear that your device did not work well.

    The issue you faced may not be solved in a short answer. We hope we could work with you to locate the cause and address it. Would you please contact us at support@roborock.com(if you are in EU, contact support@roborock-eu.com)so that we can better assist?

    Peter08/04/2023      06:55

    What about this part of the question? I would hope that has a short answer.

    "Why is the only information provided regarding the use of the robot on multilevels about how to setup the maps?"

    RR_SupportStaff Member08/07/2023      13:34

    On the second floor without the docking station, robot will also mop the floor with the water in the built-in water tank. However, since the mop cloth is not saturated in the beginning and not being washed during cleaning, the mopping result may be not as good as the primary floor.


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