S5 Max support for 2 floors?

S5 Max support for 2 floors?

What is the best way to clean 2 floors?

Should I carry only robot upstairs? Or do I have to carry the dock too?

What about maps? There are 3 maps, which one do I select for upstairs?

And the main question: is multi floor really supported as advertised??

Thank you.

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  • S5 MAX could save 3 maps. One is current map. The other 2 will be overwritten always and you may not find any rule which they are.

    Therefore, the multiple map saved function is not well made at present and could not meet customers' need. We suggest customer reset map every time and bring dock with robot when the robot is brought to another floor.

    As for multiple floor map saving, we are still working on it. Your understanding will be much appreciated.

    Jon02/04/2020      00:11

    Same question/request here! We are loving our new S5 Max... his name is Rocky. He definitely gets confused when you bring him to a different floor than what is loaded as the “current map.” I’m experimenting now with just alternating which floor gets cleaned so there’s one floor in current and the same one in the autosaved backup, then the other floor in the manually saved spot. I hope that if I load up the proper map for whichever floor Rocky is currently cleaning, he will clean more accurately.

    Added challenge: one of our floors has floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall (workout room)! That sure makes some funky maps when he scans it with his laser :)

    MyKnack03/22/2020      17:52


    I am thinking about buying a Roborock 5S Max. I am a bit uncertain because I have 2-3 floors. So any updates on your development?

    RR_SupportStaff Member03/23/2020      08:27

    Dear customer,

    Thanks for your interest in Roborock.

    However, we have not been informed when or if the multi floor saving map feature would be equipped with S5 max yet.

  • The same questions about 2-floor cleaning, must be a simple way, to clean different floors, without rebuilding maps.

    RR_SupportStaff Member03/24/2020      08:51

    Thank you for your reply. About 2-floor cleaning, remember to bring both the dock and robot to the second floor and let your robot start cleaning from the charging dock, or your robot will get lost.


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