Modifying the map (adding a room)

Modifying the map (adding a room)

Is there an easier way to add a room to the map that was not originally scanned (due to a door being shut) other than having the vacuum run through the entire house again and remapping the whole house?

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Set room cleaning or zone cleaning with this specific room included and verify whether the map will update it automatically.

    Otherwise, I'm afraid that you need reset the current map and re-map the house.

    When robot is creating the first map,

    1. Map saved mode is enabled.

    2. Robot starts from dock;

    3. Robot goes everywhere on map it detects to clean, not just somewhere. Pls make sure the doors are open for the rooms you want to be displayed on map.

    4. Robot returns to dock(whose position is not moved) by itself and successfully.

    wrkeener03/05/2021      23:00

    To map (add) a new room without remapping the whole house, follow these steps:

    1. Have robot spot clean using "Pin N Go" an area inside the room or at least at the door. Send robot back to dock once done. The new room will show as a grey area.
    2. Set a zone clean than encompasses entire room plus additional few extra feet on at least two sides. Let robot finish and return to dock.
    3. Choose edit map and then "Edit Room". At the top right select "Re-Split Rooms". The new room should be added and all room can be divided and named.
    RR_SupportStaff Member03/06/2021      04:39

    Sounds like a good idea!

    Aaadougford05/22/2021      22:24

    I did follow directions and it worked. After Adding new room adding the name of the new room was not easy. After addi g 6 room names while trying to add name for room 7, the application would crash and all names would disappear. After about a dozen tries it worked, but the combination of adding names and dividing rooms was a series of application crashes. I really dont know what combo worked, but it finally did.

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