Improvements that I think RR needs for it to be perfect.

  1. Pin and go / return to dock to be available for scheduling.benefit - vacuum cleaner parks itself near dust bin in evening while emptying the main bin for house.
  2. RR shouldn’t give up room cleaning remembering last time closed door  . It should try at least to check whether door is open currently.
  3. Zooming in out map still not smooth for 

      Edit map- Nogozone.( is it only for me ? Iphone x ?)

4.Before start of scheduled clean an option to run only water pump couple of times so as to wet the mop .

5.During multi-pass cleaning an option to select first time vacuum only then vacuum and mop. 

6.Similar to no go zone an option for ‘must go zone’ where there is dark carpet or curtain drapes which RR avoids

7 similar to no go zone a “slow go zone” where RR would be careful and on slow speed . These are the area where floor is rough or where i want robot to clean slowly .

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  • 1. Not a bad idea. I usually clean every morning. Would be nice if I could schedule the vaccumer to place itself in the kitchen, next to the bin, instead of me running back and forth.

    2. I think mine does that? I mean.. if I set it to just clean the entire house, it tries to go everywhere - every time. Even if a door was closed previously?

    3. In general the entire map editing feature could need an overhaul. Ignoring rooms instead of adding a big block of "No Go zone" would be nice. And when not in editing mode, instead of showing these blocks/lines on the map, it would be nice if it could just "grey out" the areas on the recognized map instead.

    4. Definitely!! Mop-soaking feature!

    5. Nice to have. But not need to have. The mop on my vaccumer is always, at least, a bit moist. So it would still run over the house and pick up dirt, with the mop.

    6. I see the idea, even though it could cause problems. Also, what if I force it to run over an edge (stairs).. should that be possible? Or should it only be the LiDAR sensor that you should be able to overrule?

    7. Yes! I also need this feature. For me, I would even like it to not only go slower, but also turn off the side-brush (except when it's going around the perimeters/walls), and then do a more narrow pattern, so it would use the brush underneath.. let's say that maybe the vaccumer has a 20-30cm wide vacuum patter.. make that half! It might take longer, but in my case, I have cat litter on the floor in an area.. the side brush throws it all over the place, because it's so light weight.. so if the vaccumer could just go back and forth in a narrower pattern, without the side brush, and maybe a bit slower, the chance of it getting everything would be better!

    zam10/17/2020      17:52

    point 6 .at least If we set a must go zone it should go till bumper gets hit and i know my curtain drapes cant push bumper.

    zam10/17/2020      17:54

    And for point 2 Iam sure it doest if u are on schedule . I have schedule every morning 4 am and if one the day before it had detected door closed then for next schedule it would skip that room completely . It all comes down to that last updated map where door is closed .

    Kenneth10/18/2020      07:50

    Hmmm.. i just tested, and you are absolutely right. The door to my bathroom was closed, and now it thinks that there is a wall.. and it doesn't seem like it want to change that.. just weird when it does that with e.g. chairs and stuff.. they move / change position from time to time..

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  • Thanks for your advice about specifying map-setting. We appreciate all above suggestions.

  • Scheduled pin-and-go, improved mapping, wetting mop pre-clean, varied pass options, custom zones, and cautious/slow zones for Roomba perfection. Ehallpass


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