recently purchased s5 max - mapped the house but s5 will only map part of the two farthest rooms

recently purchased s5 max - mapped the house but s5 will only map part of the two farthest rooms

the S5 refuses to map the left side of these two adjacent rooms. As shown, the cutoff for each room occurs on the same plane. The S5 will not cross over the straight edge of the yellow line in either room. I have divided the house into separate room areas, brought the s5 to the rooms and had it clean them, and as seen in this attached picture I added invisible walls to create a path the leads to the two rooms from the dock at the other end of the house and instructed the s5 to do a full clean which I thought would map the two rooms while ensuring the battery does not die as the S5 cannot cover and map the whole house in one battery charge. there are no steps, stairs or sunken rooms in the house - all single level home athough these two rooms are carpet (light colored) while most of the rest of the house is hard floor. I would appreciated any help! thanks.

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  • after working the issue today, I tried a pin and go to one the problem rooms with the intent to have it clean that room per once in the room I attempted the spot clean step and it failed with loss of router connection - I have a Orbi wifi mesh in the house and both problem rooms have strong wifi signals from the East mesh router. I checked the mesh connection for the roborock as the dock is at the other end of the house by the West mesh router and the roborock shows as still trying to stay connected to the West mesh router and not switching to the East router when it travels across the house to these two rooms. Does the roborock wifi not have the capability to require the SSID as it travels through mesh coverage? Would it make a difference if I instead built the map using a multi floor plan with these two rooms on their own level and carried the roborock to the room area or is there a way to cause the roborock to attempt to re-establish a wifi connection once its in these two bedrooms in order to pick up the East mesh router? Thanks

  • Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    We suggest you move the dock to a more central area of your house. Since the house is fairly long, it may have reached the limit of its navigation ability. A central area of the dock can help the robot achieve its maximum navigation ability.


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